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policies. he pointed out the nation's posies 6 trillion dollar deficit. romney is staying at a friend's home preparing for the first presidential debate. >> a young man attacked near eastern market. >> this is the second attack to happen within weeks near eastern market. >> the victim that we spoke with just move to the district one week ago today. it was 3:00 a.m. and he walked out to talk to his wife on the phone. he was distracted and had his smartphone in his hand. the two things he said made him a prime target. >> the cut lip was when they drafted my job. >> casey adams rcecounts
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every blow. >> he said give me the phone and empty your pockets. i said this is my wife on the phone. adams was on his phone when a man ambushed him, assaulting him at gunpoint. after knocking him to the ground a second male jumped in on the assault. both continued punching and kicking him on the face before taking off with his smart phone. >> i said that is all. you got it all. they hit me again a couple of times when i was down. the last thing they did was the second person drop kick me -- kicked me like that. >> the attack comes after an steps from the attack on t.c. madelyn. he is still not able to speak. the attacks have many worried that this is becoming a terrifying trend. >> kind of frightening, really that you have muggings that close to the capital.
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>> these attacks have caught the attention of d.c. police. just when -- one week ago people held a public meeting in this neighborhood to calm people's concerns and to urge them not to walk around with their cell phones out. and she put it, would you walk down the road waving $300 in the air? no. when you walk around with your cellphone you are doing the exact same thing. quick thinking. the self-proclaimed iraqi general accused of murder appears to be closelycloser to standing trial. he is legally competent. he is accused of killing his 90- year-old wife inside their georgetown home last summer. >> i bring controversy in the exile as at -- in the alexandria section after police seized
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several pitbulls from a man's home. we have the word on why there appears to be more to this story. >> investigators swarmed to this normally quiet neighborhood in fairfax county. they took a number of. bulls -- pit bulls from this home. >> what he uses them for, i do not know but he is always -- has always had a lot of dogs. but she saw police checking out the house across the street from her mother's home bonds capt. lane in alexandria. >> they're looking over the fence and banging on the door. >> there were large dog cages and a sign warning to stay away. authorities confirmed they raided this home, saved several pit bulls and charged a man with being an unfit owner. >> it is disrespectful to the
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neighborhood and the community and animals. >> number -- neighbors have complained before and fear that the animals could have been sold to those who participate in dogfighting. >> operations like this take dogs and turn them evil. >> an investigation has been lodged in more charges -- and more charges will likely be filed. >> this is a man who loves his dogs, pretty much. >> he says there will taken care of, friendly pets and he cannot imagine them being connected to something sinister. >> it is sad that over an allegation the come take these dogs and make this individual out like he has a dogfighting ring. >> authorities say they cannot say much about this investigation. they cannot give us. name because the search warrant remains sealed. >> thank you.
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the calendar says september but it feels like august. bob ryan joins us with how long this will last in the complete forecast. >> a woman swimming in a local lake is attacked by a rabid believer. the man who helped save her.
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>> we're learning more about a local woman's harrowing ordeal after she was attacked by a rabid beaver. it attacks when she was out swimming. >> she is recovering and we have her frightening story. >> police say they cannot find any records in the history by -- of anyone being attacked by a beaver. rabies is what caused this.
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>> what was going through your mind? >> just to get away from him. >> at 83, she says you're only as old as you feel. a beaver job on her leg when she was in lake barcroft. >> i took my walking stick and tried to pound him. >> she could not get rid of him until mike corn showed up. >> i was across the lake when he started screaming. >> he helped me get out. >> this is the beaver he had to keep fending off. it gives you a sense of the teeth that latch onto her leg. >> they have big enough teeth to do some damage. >> her days of swimming there are done.
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>> never in the world that i expect anything like this. >> authorities hope this was the only rabid animal but they are asking folks who live around here to be on the lookout for any animals that appear to be sick. >> thank you. crazy stuff there. conditions remain dry outside. a little monday. >> what is in store tomorrow? >> our temperature is 80 degrees. we will do another 90. when we switched
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outside right now, look at the temperatures. i mentioned earlier it was 80. there were showers and thundershowers. what is left of that is over the eastern shore. here is the latest batch heading into southwestern parts of virginia. those will miss us but we will see some of the leftover clouds. a cluster of showers and thundershowers. tomorrow it will be gone. folks around culpeper, 0.5 of 1 inch of rain. look at the temperatures for september. 103 degrees. that heat is still in and around us. not only over as but because of the leftover humanity. one thing, what is left of isaac is down around the gulf.
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we will be under this hillmead pattern and that tomorrow may trigger one or two isolated showers. the main effect will be by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in and around us around 90. folks in gaithersburg, only in the high 80's. tharoor morning, there could be some patchy fog will have the rain earlier around culpeper. muggy and humid. 72 and 73 degrees. a slight risk of an afternoon shower. outdoor -- it will be 90 to 92. stay in the air conditioning in schools tomorrow. the pattern begins to break down as we get toward the weekend with temperatures and the weather front coming our way. temperatures by sunday into the
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high 70's to the low 80's which is kust average. >> two more days of 90's and it will feel more like september. >> the nfl season gets underway. what is up with the m? the nats
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> you do not have to be a baseball fan to enjoy what is taking place on south capitol street. it is a year earlier than anyone anticipated. but the nationals rocking the baseball world. they beat the cubs tonight again and it was like a party at the ballpark. the offense was once again hit parade. the nats up 2-0. he had his mom and dad in the stands. 3-0 nationals. the ball in the upper deck. thanks for coming. drive home safely. no hits for the cubs.
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the final, 9-1. the braves barely held on to a 1-0 game. not much of a ball game there. let's go to football. the redskins got into the heavy lifting of their game week schedule and there was a sense of urgency of the park. going through the game plan and getting his repetitions rehearsing a play and he is excited about opening his career in new orleans which is his parents' home town. >> i have a lot of family was there. between 30 and 50 family members there. i am paying for seven. it will definitely be fun. even though there will be a lot of boos, i will hear a few cheers >> tony romo buys some time.
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the cowboys win the game 24-17. brandyn mccrary -- mccarthy got drilled in the head. he was taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital. this was this very seen at -- the scary scene of the night. a four set loss. an emotional farewell for roddick. he announced his retirement. >> we will be right
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the national aquarium in baltimore has a new edition to the family. the first baby born to ivy, a sloth. the newborn seems strong and healthy, clinging and crawling over its mom. after year it will learn to go out on its own.
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the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america. but mitt mney doesn't see it. under the romney plan, a mdle class family wl pay an average of up to $2,000 more a year in taxes. while at the same time giving multi-millionaires like himself a $250,000 tax cut so, romney hits the middle class harder... and gives millionaires an even bigger break. is that the way forward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.

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